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October 17, 2021, 11:30:19 AM
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Author Topic: Downshift Motorsports  (Read 2576 times)

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Downshift Motorsports
« on: June 21, 2012, 09:20:19 PM »

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My buddy Mike from high school used to work through a shop but decided to go into business for himself selling aftermarket gear so I gotta give him a little plug. I know there are a few reputable guys already well established in the area, but if ever there's something they don't carry, give Mike a call.  He's based on Long Island but he said for most of his warehouses we are in the 1 day shipping zone so if he's got it, he'll be able to get it to you pretty fast.

He's in business for more than just Subie's too so if you have other toys (or know someone who does) there's a good chance he'll be able to help you out with that too.

Give him a call and feel free to drop my name (Chris aka badz).  I don't know if it'll make a difference but it can't hurt  :coolsmiley:.
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